Transactionland - available to book for 2025

£5,000.00 - £20,000.00

It’s shopping, but not as you know it!

Transactionland is a fortnight-long artwork, pop-up shop, community space & festival for thinking about economics. Created by artist Rachael Clerke, the first iteration of Transactionland took place in Bristol at Bricks St Anne’s House in March 2022. Transactionland is a space where visitors can ask difficult questions, play games, meet new people, take part in workshops, attend performances or film screenings or just hang out. It is fun, free to access, child-friendly and amateur-led. Accepted currencies in Transactionland include cash, card, stock cubes, time & anecdotes amongst others.

As well as regular fixtures like ‘shoplift-o-clock’ (where shoplifting is encouraged) and ‘doughnut hour’ (a group discussion about doughnut economics, with doughnuts), Transactionland is a container for artworks exploring economy, labour & value, by Rachael Clerke and other selected artists.

For a two week (2 x 5-day periods) pop-up Transactionland:
• Empty shop space for minimum of 17 days, with display windows and access to water & toilets.
• Connections with local people who can be ambassadors for Transactionland.
• Connections with local groups that may be interested in being involved in Transactionland.
• Access to festival/organisation’s pool of volunteers (if there is one, or help organising if not) or providing staff to assist with the running of the space.
• Connection with local carpenter.
• Help sourcing scrap wood, craft materials, unwanted/2nd hand inflatables. Transactionland is a zero waste project.
• Connections with local artists.

Cost: We intend to submit an ACE touring bid to support a ‘slow tour’ of Transactionland in 2025. Match funding of around £5000 per iteration will be needed to support this. This could come from a range of presenters/partners/funders and we’re really open to discussion about how this works. The unsubsidised cost is £20,000 which includes commissioning new artworks for your location, and a full fortnight-long programme.

I am hoping to tour Transactionland in the first half of 2025.

For more info see: https://transaction.land/