Shared Ownership Business Shares

£5.00 - £50.00

Shared Ownership Business is an artist-led Big Business Simulator involving a cardboard cutout and a bicycle. It is the second business in Rachael Clerke’s Businesses series.

Inspired by the world’s largest companies, as well as anyone who’s ever tried to make a good investment, Shared Ownership Business will explore how Big Business creates wealth and what it means to own something together. Shares went on sale at the official business launch on 7th December 2019, and were available online from 11th December.

Shared Ownership Business is valued at £2305 and comprises 461 shares - each costing £5. Each share is one 461th of a 6’3” cardboard cutout of me. I aim to retain 51% (235 shares) of the business and sell 49% (226 shares) but reserve the right to sell more than this, resigning my position as majority shareholder.

Share Capital (money) raised from the sale of shares in Shared Ownership Business was used to purchase an expensive touring bicycle (asset). All shareholders are joint owners, and have access to the bicycle and its accompanying logbook for their own personal use, with little restriction, until 2027 or until the bike is stolen or becomes unusable (whichever is sooner). The logbook will track the use of the asset, its financial breakdown and notes taken from interviews with economists and business advisors and will be published for all shareholders. At that point a joint decision will be made about the future of the bicycle.

Shareholders receive a risograph printed certificate alongside their cardboard shares cut from the 6'3" cardboard cut out of me (real height 5'4"). Shares can be traded throughout the project.

For FAQs go to https://rachaelclerke.com/Shared-Ownership-Business

If you are buying shares as a gift please leave a note on your order with the recipient's name and address (and include their address as the shipping address if you want it sent straight to them). Otherwise your share certificate will be filled in in your name.