Routes Out: A Catalogue of Resistance

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Between July and October 2020 I sent out 100 postcards to 100 people. Each postcard described a different idea for overthrowing Boris Johnson's Conservative Government.

Between August and November 2020, 51 of those people wrote back to me, with ideas of their own.

From educational reform to magic spells, trickery to murder, Routes Out: A Catalogue of Resistance is a practical guide for our stricken times.

Featuring all 151 ideas in a publication that is sent as a postcard itself, Routes Out can be bought for yourself or as a perfect gift in a less than perfect year.*

Routes Out was commissioned by UnShut Festival.

*If you want to give Routes Out as a gift I can send the book in an envelope for you to send on. Alternatively just put your friend's details down as the shipping address and any note you want to include and I'll send it directly to them.