Art Business Ltd Ltd Edition Patch


Art Business Ltd (www.artbusiness.ltd) is an art business, project and performance by the Bristol-based artist formerly known as Sole Trader Rachael Clerke. It was Hard Launched on the first day of the 2024-25 financial year.

Following an open call for submissions (applicants had a 25 minute timed application window in which to submit a photo to the Art Business Ltd WhatsApp hotline) artist & designer Rosa ter Kuile aka RTiiiKa was chosen to design the official logo, because they sent a photo of a cauliflower. They were then paid £250 to develop her idea. As well as Art Business Ltd, Rosa also recently re-did the visual identity for the Bristol Beacon.

Paul Halliburton of Halliburton Associates in Birmingham transferred this design to a limited number of high quality embroidered patches.

Buying a patch will create Start Up Equity for Art Business Ltd, and allow you to show your allegiance wherever you go. You could also pretend to be Art Business Ltd staff.

Patches are 9cm in diameter and have an iron-on backing (you can also sew them on)

Afterall, there's no Business like Art Business

The founding of Art Business Ltd is supported by a research and development fellowship from the West of England Visual Arts Alliance.